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Lecture 18 March 12, 2012
Education seen as important for socialization
o Sorts individuals into various categories
o Provides child care
o Maintains and instills valued norms
o Some symptoms (like unemployment and poverty) can be pointed back to
educational system, saying that it is not doing a good enough job
o Canadian schools have needed to revise its educational system to incorporate
Values multiculturalism
o Highlights class position
Social class structure tends to re-emphasis this
Educational opportunities are not necessarily equally accessible to all
o Educational system values capitalism, conformity, dominant group’s beliefs
o Socio-cultural conflict
See that is minorities’ needs are not being addressed
Academic curriculum impacts what we learn and know about social justice
Symbolic interactionist
o See how other institutions affect the educational institution
o Micro level teacher/student relations, ways in which educational system may
encourage or unencourage self-esteem
Affects how students perform (expectations)
o Right for women’s right for education
o Certain kinds of situations have been set up to not be welcoming for women
Video: Educational Equity
Dr. Prudence L. Carter conflict perspective in some instances and symbolic interactionist
Resources mobility how much resources a school has compared to other schools
Immigrants coming into particular schools
Stereotyping particular groups and reinforcing them
Certain groups are grouped together
Some students feel that they are not academically engaged
Video: Improvements, Not Innovations is the Key to Greater Equity
Better safety net than US
Less individualized
Have better teachers on average
o Better support
o Highly unionized
Fair distribution of money
o In the US, schools with higher-income students get more funding
o Provinces are more important than districts
Pisa program for international assessment
o From an equity and overall perspective, CA ranks fairly high
The inequality of educational attainment
o Social class and family background
Social class is a great indicator of educational success
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