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30 Mar 2012
Family problems, February 6th
Modern marriage: what theories of the family might be related to the values
expressed in the film
Video: Thoroughly modern marriage
Marriage used to be the first step into adulthood (married, finish education,
get a job, start a family) now it is seen as a cap to ones social life (finish
education, get a job then get married)
Now there is a new normal, divorce, open marriage, same sex couple etc
We spend more time on that single relationship then anything else
Now people wait longer to find themselves” resulting in marriage at older
Today marriage can be seen as 2 secure people joining forces not 2 people
becoming united
Weddings are a multibillion dollar industry, it’s a market, (spray tans, Botox,
cakes, dresses, catering)
80% of Canadian women get married
There is a 30% increase in mixed marriages in the last decade
Tension between the commitment and extra marital relationships is
contradictory which is why open marriages are hard to maneuver and were
less common even 3 years ago
Catholic marriage believes in part that there is something within us that
longs for a deep relationship
Some feel they are not only married for each other, but for their children,
community and even the economy
Parents pressure children to get married
Studies show that married people have lower blood pressure, suffer less
stress and depression, and live longer
Decision to have a child is easier when married
Some feel marriage is not necessary but something about marriage helps
keep people together still which is good for kids
People still look for a mate like their parents
No longer just about sharing the work load
New phase in marriage that makes it easier to be equal
Meaning of marriage is now more about couples working together as a way
of fulfillment
75% of marriages are able to work through extra marital affairs
Same sex couples
The woman in the film believed if she had stayed with men she wouldn’t
have gotten married, but stayed with common law because parents her
spilt up when she was young
With Julie she felt that now that she could get married to her why not do
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