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30 Mar 2012
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Cananada is becoming diversified
Canadians listed more then 200 different ethnicities in the 2006
Sociological imagination
Entire groups assimilate or do not assimilate into society,
It is dysfunctional- racism and discrimination lessens the abilities of the
minority groups
Economic competition is what creates and maintains racism
Minorities are more likely to be in the surplus labor force, coming in and out
of the labour market
Stereotypes- exaggerations
Subordinate groups can feel or are inferior because they get defined as such
early on and various barriers may be in the way for them
Prejudicial ideas
A judgment, negative one about of group of people
More of an ideology, three traits:
Humans are divided natural into different physical types
Physical traits related to these types are related to culture, personality and
Some groups are considered innately superior to others
Types of racism
Aversive Racism: unintentional and subtle form of prejudice exhibited by
well adjusted people who feel they are not prejudice, racist feelings are not
about hate but discomfort, uneasiness or fear, they feel they are egalitarian
Modern Racism: rejects traditional racist beliefs but does displace negative
racial feelings, more at an abstract level, they would say racism no longer
exists in Canada and minorities are responsible for racial ideas
Learning to be prejudice and the media
Physicological theories talk about prejudice
Aggression theory
Authoritarian personality theory
Learning through socialization takes place through socialization, it is not out front
or direct but hidden and none the less we learn these ideas
Discrimination: the actions or practices that result in differential treatment in
categories of people
Individual discrimination
Individuals treat others differently because of the category the belong in
Overtly and adaptive: may not rent to Vietnamese as others in the building
are discriminative to them.
Institutional discrimination: procedures in the institution result in
discrimination to minorities
Discrimination has become subtle and overt
Shopping while black
Store clerk, security guard
See if other shoppers will do anything when store clerks tell African
American people
Racism in America
10 calls when African American vandals and 1 when white vandals
Hate Crime
Bias motivated crime
Violent activity, lead or motivated by prejudice and is brought on my
different groups based on differences
Police data says that 68% of hate crimes are motivated by race or ethnicity
Strategies for action
Multicultural education in communities and school systems
Work place diversity trainging
Political strategies
Aboriginal communities
Generally 4 groups in Canada
Status, non status (those who are of Indian status but do not appear on the
list): first nations- 600 recognized bands across Canada
Metis, Inuit (Eskimo, first aboriginal nation to achieve with Nunavut)
decedants who had children with europens
Population grows 6 times faster then non aboriginal
Suffer the lowest levels of education, income health and employment
Higher risk of poverty 44% aborginals are below the poverty line
Those that live on reserves are even more strained
3times more likely to be a victim of spousal violence
Helath and aboriginal Candians
7 years shorter life expectancy
younger group, as high birth rate
higher rates of illicit drug use
prevelance of smoking is twice the rate of the rest of the Canadian population
obesity- in a recent pole, cited as number one health problem in aboriginal
Podcast on obesity
Hard to find an aboriginal who doesn’t know anyone who has succumbed to
Type 2 diabetes
High rates of obesity in young women, series of pregnancy, putting on
weight etc.
Higher then in the general population because first nations people are prone
to put on weight if they aren’t active and with a change in their diet
Dramatic change in their environment and life style- living outside, in a
northern climate, enourmous amount of energy
Link to diabeties and obesity- where you put the weight on, around the
middle, much greater rate of developing dibetes
Sick communities with a disease that is completely preventable and treatable
Changes need to be developed at a community and family level
Canadian health care is failing aboriginal population
Health Canada to work toward an national diabetes lalalal
Increase facilities for exercise