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30 Mar 2012

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Social Problems Lecture #14 01/30/12
Sociology of Sex
TA: Georgiou wed 9-12 1-4 room 5321 SSC on Feb 15th
Sexual orientation- often shifts over lifetime GLBT; LGBT; LGBTQ
o Terms and definitions are not standardized
UWO student development center
Western’s Pride Network
APA- fight against that attraction to same sex is not a medical condition
Theoretical Perspectives
o Structural functionalist
Function of society
What roles people play
Same sex couples would not function in society because they could not
Deviation from the norm
o Conflict
Division between those with power and without
Hetero vs homo
o Symbolic interactionist
Micro level
Meaning perspective
Meaning attached to those meanings and how they are socially constructed
How people are labeled
This label becomes there MASTER STATUS ***** (Gay, Homo, Lesbian…etc.)
o Feminist
Issues of sexuality in relation to women’s lives
Their sexuality has made them vulnerable in life
Every society has a sex based system
o Queer theory
Combined with Feminist thought and sexual orientation
Do not want to pin people in a certain category
Dealing with same sex couples
Hate crime law in Canada
Erin Webster beaten to death by two men
o First murder due to gay bashing
o CT 50 a bill everyone can experience a hate crime passed in 2004
o Sexual minorities being victimized
o Telling all of society you may be the victim of a hate crime
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