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Subliminal Advertising 10/23/2012 8:17:00 AM Originator of terms: James Vicary 1957 His big study was eat popcorn and drink coca cola o over a 6 week period almost 47000 patrons went to watch the movie picnic an image flashed for a very short duration every five seconds o claimed that although patrons were not seeing the eat popcorn and drink coca cola sales rose almost 20 percent o he never released a detailed description of his study, and it couldnt be replicated o in 1962 he admitted his study was a fabrication, it was a fraud Wilson Bryan Key- 1970s Subliminal Seduction Media Sexploitation Use of subliminal sexual symbols or objects Claims through these sexual messages you can get consumers to do what you want them to do Ritz Cracker: claims the word sex is seen in the cracker Subliminal Perception: Pratkanis and Greenwals 1998 1. Sub Threshold Stimuli: when you see some message below the threshold consciousness o Example, seeing popcorn eaten on the screen 2. Masked Stimuli: give you a message followed by an overriding stimuli that is much more dramatic 3. Unattended Stimuli: something you could call embedded images o Example, an object shaped in such a way its formed in the contour of a womans body 4. Figurally transformed stimuli o Example, if you play a song backward it has some kind of subliminal message ABC rejected KFCs hidden message ad because of policy against subliminal advertising KFC ran an ad that looked like a normal ad until you play it slowly and shows that you can go to the website to get a free coupon Very successful, more than 70000 people went to the website and traffic overall increased by 60% One executive was surprised, saying why dont the networks get on board as it would both support the network and the company Controversy for Decades: Inconsistent use of the term subliminal- the definition has changed so much, needs to be more specific Lack of precise and standardized processes- we dont have any precise processes to determine whether subliminal advertising in there/is effective Lack of adequate conception of unconscious processes- any empirical studies have showed no conclusive results Large percentage of consumers believe firms use subliminal advertising to increase sales, but there really is no evidence that it is used or is effective Sex Sells: Calvin Klein and sex appeals in ad: started the trend of sexual advertisements o Got a lot of criticism o Brook Shields ad- beginning of the controversy in 1980, had her saying you know what comes between me and my Calvins, nothing into the camera at age 15 o Gloria Steinem: worse than pornography, klein was putting the model in a sexually submissive pose o One of the first to advertise the brand instead of the product itself, he was the bad boy of advertising o Marky Mark and Kate Moss ads- thought to be too sexual, models were very young and began a controversy in the 80s o Criticized for crossing the line between advertising and child pornography o Giant billboards in time square for underwear o Kidde porn? Feb 1999- childrens underwear line o Full page ads- new york post, Martha stewart living, new york times o Huge billboards in NY times square o Calvin Klein spokesman- to capture the same vibrant attitude you would find in the family atmosphere nothing to criticize Generally public disagreed o Ads intended to: convey the idea that glamour is an inner quality that can be found in regular people in the most ordinary setting: it is not something exclusive to movie starts and models Consumer and child welfare advocates disagreed: saying ads were disturbing and exploitive o Why the public outcry? 1. Calvin Klein ads are not associated with childhood innocence 2. Clear definition, full page ads, accused of using kiddie flesh to grab attention 3. Ads were seen as not morally innocent o Were critics overreacting Would this picture in a family album be acceptable? Would ads be seemed erotica id it were another company? Abercrombie and Fitch o Also pushing the envelope with sexual advertisement Advertising and Culture What is Culture? Culture consists of a body of learned behavior Common to a given human society Acts like a template Our norms of behavior, values, mental processes, beliefs, knowledge Culture is learned Advertising: permeates modern culture Whats wrong with this? o Advertisers are selling a lot more than products o People are being treated as docile, just absorbing whatever information is presented to them o There are wider important issues that are being ignored o Advertising has a negative effect on the culture of our society o When we are paying too much attention to material things we arent focusing on our values Frontline Targeting teen market o Teens run todays economy o Given guilt money, have there own disposable income and influence parent purchases o Growing up in a world made of marketing Typical American teen will process over 10 million discrete advertisements by age 18 To win teens loyalty advertisers study them carefully o Stubborn demographic unresponsive to traditional marketing o They do respond to cool cool-hunting search for a certain kind of personality o looking for kids ahead of the pack o the trend setters who are going to influence the other 80 percent correspondents- look for forward thinking kids o find and identify, interview these kids and use this info to look for trends and themes for the look look website,
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