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Lecture 6

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Advertising and Culture 11/2/2012 7:07:00 AM  advertising creative art form  lost of advertising put on the grounds  What is Culture?  consists of body of learned behaviors  common to a given human society  acts like a template  Culture is learned as you grow up through many different ways  Socializing agents  They are the ones that give you the message  Family, Media etc.  Advertising permeates modern culture, they come apart of our every day cultural makeup  What’s wrong with that?  People treated as being docile  Wider important issues being ignored  Negative effect on culture of our society  $100 billion spent by teenagers, and another $50 billion from the parents of the teens  Cool hunting,  a search for a certain personality, and a certain social network  When it came into television,  Includes advertising – poses serious danger for all cultural production  Advertising has helped create a “false reality”  Television  Claims to record reality  Actually creates it  Manipulation and Absorption into society  No strong evidence that people are apathetic  People buy things because it may have been cool to buy at the time.  Impact on the media of our culture is going on but we may n
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