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Advertising and the other

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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Advertising and the otherMinority groups only white sells Advertisers were worried about alienating white base Prior to 60s was so racistnot even called racist because it wasnt consideredMinority populations were low end consumers so you didnt have to appealplease them Had to keep up to white norms to not offend white consumersEither ignored minorities all together Pancake days is happy days o Stereotypical Perceived way of black people speakingHappy slave is not realistic Cardboard cutouts that you put clothes on Barefoot and tattered clothes Buy pancake mix and you could get better clothes to dress them with More civilized outfitsGeneral trends 1 Minorities as invisible a Minorities have been ignored by mass media unless its convenient to do otherwiseb How often do you see native Canadian in an ad in a positive way c Asians in ads As we get greater population they have an increase in ad appearances d Rarely do you see ads with people from the Middle East2 Minorities as a social problem a Minorities are ignored and shunned They arent included in the majorities of societal advertising b Sometimes see minorities in ads but usually when being shown as negativesomething wrong in society3 Minorities as tokens a Token minorities put in to advertisements just to make it right4 Minorities as stereotypesExamples
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