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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Apr. 10 /13 Social Advertising Examples of Social Advertising - Ancient Greece and Rome  Campaigns to free the slaves - England  Campaigns to abolish prisons  Gain voting rights for women th Abolish child laborers - 19 C America  Temperance Movement  Prohibition  Suffrage Movement (empower women)  Push to regulate drug industry(safe drugs) and provide safe food - Canada  Most advertising $ is spent by Can. government  Health promotion, diabetes awareness, etc  A lot of health promotion campaigns  Eg. Anti smoking, nutrition, family planning, etc.  Advertising regarding environment  Eg. safe water, clean air, preserving enviro  Education  Eg. Stay in school campaigns, literacy  Economy  Boosting job skills United Colors of Benetton - International Italian company - Style of advertising has not changed  very controversial - Black/ white contrast in a lot of advertising - A lot of advertising on billboards - Most prolonged controversial ad campaign in history - *** Selling “social consciousness” *** Campaigns with ideas bout: - Racism, sexism, human rights, animal rights, environment - Ads don’t show anything about their product - “Produce
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