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Lecture 5

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Week 5 Feb. 6/13 Subliminal Advertising & Product Placement Subliminal Advertising - Originator of term – James Vicary (1957) - a stimulus that goes beyond conscious level that your brain will pick up - Famous for “Eat popcorn and drink Coke” Study  While movie “Picnic” was playing, a message was flashed during the film weren’t enough to be registered at a conscious level  Registered at an unconscious level  Claims: over 6 weeks popcorn increased by 60% and Coke 20%  1962: admitted that study was totally fabricated - General consensus - Advertisers use subliminal advertising and they are effective - Wilson Bryan Key (1970s)  Subliminal Seduction, Media Sexploitation  Claim: Advertisers use subliminal sexual objects and imagery to buy objects/services  Eg. Ritz Cracker – sex written in Ritz cracker, Alcohol - sex in ice cubes Subliminal Perception - Pratakanis & Greenwald (1998) - 1) Sub-threshold Stimuli  eg. “Eat popcorn and drink Coke” Study  anything where you get bits of info that you wouldn’t consciously be aware of - 2) Marked Stimuli  get a messaged followed by something else  eg. get a messaged followed by a bright flash so you don’t get the message before it - 3) Unattended Stimuli  eg. naked pictures in ice cubes, embedded words in photos - 4) Figuratively Transformed Stimuli  words and pictures are distorted  eg. play a record backwards to worship the devil Budweiser Ad – cloud looks like a bra, beer bottle fornicating with cloud, plane ejaculating Marlboro - lit up penis area Camel – naked guy with penis Pepsi- line up cans to spell “Sex” Lipstick – looks like Penis in her mouth Coke Ad – photos in ice cubes Ikea Ad – dogs penis Disney’s Tangled – “Sex” written in rope Flick Off – looks like “Fuck Off” - ABC rejected KFCs hidden msg ad because of policy against subliminal advertising  Told to record ad and play backwards for a msg  Msg told you to go to website to get a coupon Week 5 Feb. 6/13  70,000 ppl went to claim coupon  traffic of website incr
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