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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Mar. 6/13 Advertising & Culture - Chinese Panda commercials “Never say no to Panda” Culture - Culture consists of:  body of learned behaviors  common to a given society  acts like a template (what’s appropriate) - Culture consists of:  mental processes  beliefs  knowledge  values - Culture is very much learned - Advertising reflects and helps to create culture - Advertising permeates modern culture - Can be looked at micro or macro level Television - TV- including ads, poses serious damage for all cultural production including art, literature, science & philosophy  Brain waves are lower watching TV then when in a coma - Advertising has helped create a “false reality” - Television  Claims to record reality  Actually creates it Manipulation and Absorption into Society 1. No strong evidence that people are apathetic  People are aware of advertising  Sometimes buy certain product in ‘limelight’  Soft drink you’re drinking when your 12, will be your soft drink for life 2. Influence is very slow and inconspicuous  Changes affect how we talk, dress, act, etc  Eg. words – Kleenex is a brand name but people ask for it when they need a tissue  Advertising camouflages into life
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