Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Nevada Athletic Commission, Naming Rights, Junior Mints

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Jan 16/13
Ambient Advertising
- Intrusive ads in public places
- ad clutter: every where we look there’s advertising
- ad fatigue:
- mobile billboards paid to drive around
- floating billboards on the water
- in the sky retention rate 80%, readership rate 80%
- outer space “ adv in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a
human being on the surface of the Earth without the aid of a telescope or
other tech device”
Stealth Endorsements
- celebs who use or wear products in public appearances, interviews, etc
- naming rights: turning public spaces into commodities
- Ashley Madison dating site for married people
- Body tattooing
- Tattooing on athletes -> Nevada Athletic Commission
o “if they want to advertise on the trunks that’s fine, but we feel that the
body is not meant to advertise
o reasons to ban: demeaning to the sport, henna ink could get into eyes,
distracting to judges
- NBA doesn’t allow advertising on players
Product Placement
- Junior Mints in Seinfeld
- Wayne’s World pizza hut
- Toy Story is a virtual commercial advertising all the toys
- Started with ET (reeses pieces)
- American Idol coke
- Tomorrow Never Dies (James Bond) largest placement $100 million
New ways to integrate advertising content
- base a whole show around a product
o eg. Modern Family iPad
- sell products that you see in a show
o eg. Will and Grace 10 sec clip at the end to buy Polo shirt
o sold $3000 worth of tshirts in the following 5 days
- interactive tv
- In movie theatres (stuck watching!)
o Buena Vista didn’t show advertising during Disney movies
o Ralph Nader customer should have a choice during movies
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