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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Mar. 12 /13 Globalization of Popular Culture - Polarization – Keep everyone close together, countries isolated unto themselves - Integration – moving around, one community as a whole, interdependence between countries Globalizing the “American Dream” - What it means to be American is being sold around the world - Look at what advertising is telling people in other countries - “Advertising is a potent force for change.. Selectively reinforcing certain values, lifestyles, and role models” - Industrial revolution attitude toward consumption  Changed considerably  Intro of technology that produced products that were not available before  Now, products that only the wealthy used to have can be purchased by ANYONE because cost of production went down  Access to goods expanded to entire populations o NOW HAPPENING ON A GLOBAL SCALE - NOW: American products are available to people who couldn’t afford them in the past - 1900 exposition in Paris – good replaced other aspects of culture to meet emotional needs  Fulfillment of fantasies gives them a temporary sense of wealth o Homogenizing world, or just representing American culture? Representations of American Culture - Coca-Cola (Atlanta, Georgia)  John Pemberton  Built on 100 years of American life  Contained 9mg of cocaine per glass o Also had alcohol o People started complaining of headaches  1903 – alcohol and coke removes  First billboard in America created by Coke on a traintrack  Most memorable Coca-Cola adds o 1895 – Hilda Clark: attractive, well of women o 1971 – “I’d like to teach the world to sing”  Written for Coke commercial o Cola wars – 1980’s  People participated in taste tests  50% said they preferred Coke even though they liked the taste of Pepsi (doesn’t mean anything)  All the taste test showed was people probably cant taste the different between Coke and Pepsi  In response, Coke put out adds where they had two chimps choosing which tennis ball was furrier  1941 – official trademark of product was Coke Mar. 12 /13  One of goals of company was that everyone drank Coca-Cola as their preferred beverage  Coke purchased Columbia pictures in ____ and started inserting their product o Only 7 years – sold to Sony  Coke and Happiness o In 1960s – “Bliss, Happiness & Freedom” o Today – “Life tasts good”  Feelings of op
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