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Lecture 3

Week 3- Consumerism

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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Week 3 Jan 23/13 * Responsible for History readings even though no lecture Consumerism - the mall is community focused - we buy things because we think that we need them - consumers are rewarding corporations by buying what is suggested - 1950: we spend $ we’ve earned to buy things we need to impress people we like - 2000: we spend $ we haven’t earned to buy things we don’t need for people we don’t like What is Consumerism Consumerism: is the preoccupation with the acquisition of good to satisfy needs through material things - 20% of the industrialized world are using up 80% of natural resources being consumed – also producing the access waste - avg American uses 30X the goods of those in the developing world - associate success with new & better things Cycle of Consumerism Advertisement  Purchase  Indebtedness  Alienation 1) Advertisement - tells you what you need to me happy/successful, ect - we know on some level it’s not true 2) Purchase 3) Indebtedness - spent money on what the advertisements told you - may need to adjust budget, second job 4) Alienation - disappointment; product failed to do what it said - another add comes along and says you need ___________ - keeps going around and becomes a compulsive addiction Role of Advertising - people remember very few ads; just remember the impact of selling to us - to manipulate us into buying with little reflection - impulse buying choices Advertisements - appeal to our insecurities (hygiene, toothbrushes) (eg. Vaginal bleaching) - solve our problems (how we look, relationships, parenting) - achieve happiness & freedom - restrain our distaste – have us not think about the neg. impacts of the products (eg. car ads) Week 3 Jan 23/13 Lower Class Marketing - strategy where marketing experts associate success with product but aim advertisement at those with less money - marketing experts associate success and social standing with a product - lower income indiv buy cars, cell phones, clothing What are the consequences? - decreased savings - less then ever before (houses bigger then ever) - cons
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