Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Naomi Klein, Frosted Flakes, Rowan V. United States Post Office Department

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20 Apr 2013
Children and Advertising 2013-04-20 5:46 PM
Wussup Commercial
Commercial can be dictating our behaviour
Condom Ad
Kids throwing tantrum over candies
New form of billboard advertising
Billboard has a camera in it
Problem: hard to know whose looking at your billboard
People paying attention may not be the people you are targeting
Tiny cameras that gather details of the passer-bys; transferred to a
central database
Uses software to determine the person standing in front of
billboard; analyzes facial features to judge the person’s gender and
By using cameras you can get an overview of the people paying
attention to your ad
E.g. 8th avenue near Columbus circle in Manhattan advertising a
movie that was coming out at the time
Argument: invasion of privacy
Company claims that they are not keeping the data to be usable by
anyone else
Once you’re in public, you can be recorded or taken pictures of
Ikea stores have used billboard cameras
McDonalds restaurants in Singapore have used billboard cameras
Children and Advertising
Some people think that it is not a good idea to market to the extent
that we are to young people get interested in looking at it more
Any guidelines that we have in Canada only applies to Canadian
produced shows
In Quebec banned all advertising to kids under the age of 13
In Canada, companies aren’t allowed to use cartoon characters to
advertise products to kids
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o Companies created characters E.g. Tony the Tiger
advertising Frosted Flakes; not using a cartoon character,
they are using a character created by the company
Pester Power
“We’re relying on the kid to pester the mom to buy the product,
rather than going straight to the mom” – Barbara A. Martino,
Advertising Executive
2 Types of Pestering:
o Persistence nagging continuously asking until parents give
Old fashioned, less sophisticated way of pestering
o Importance nagging kids will tell parents that they need
something for a reason E.g. Need a new computer to write
better essays
More sophisticated way of pestering
Building Brand Name Loyalty
Naomi Klein – No logo
o Book that she wrote in 2000
o Attracts the birth of brand marketing
o Mid 1980s
Birth of new kind of corporation E.g. Nike, Tommy
Moved production off the continent of North America
and moved it to somewhere you can get cheap labour
Cheap labour led to being able to invest more in
marketing campaigns
o Primary focus – create image for brand name
o The Gap Kids Gap; Baby Gap
According to Center for a New American Dream
At 6 months – mental images of corporate logos & mascots
At 2 years – brand loyalties are established
At 8 years – about 300 brands recognized
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Brand marketing must begin with children. Even if a child does not
buy the product and will not for many years… the marketing must
begin in childhood” – James McNeal
Marketers Target Kids
Kids are important demographic to marketers
o Have own purchasing power
o Influence parents’ buying decisions majority of parents say
that kids have an impact on their vehicle choice
o Become adult consumers of the future
Automobile companies and banks are the two main companies
targeting kids
Poverty rate in London is 2x that of the national rate
For Years
Cultivating brand recognition in children
Adult-oriented businesses getting in on act
Banks if bank can get the kid to open up a savings account, the
chances are that you will stay with them and make more money off
of you in the future
Magazines Launched Kid & Teen Editions
Sports Illustrated
Advertising for hotels & trips
Disney advertisers to kids, not to parents
Largely unsupervised & unregulated
Many sites where you fill in forms and put in your information
targets that person in terms of what they’re interested in
Advertising in the Classroom
(Captive Audience – Advertising Invades the Classroom movie)
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