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SOCIO 2172A - Lecture 1: Intro

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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

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INTRODUCTION “Advertising is a very considerable part of our total culture. It is not separable from any of the other activities of our world.” Marshall McLuhan (1968) – First father of electronic age. Canadian communications Scholar. Looking at marketing from a sociological perspective, not business perspective. “all advertising advertises advertising” Advertises impact behaviours, but sociology has been negligent to advertising, and only recently is climbing on board. Why advertising is studied in Sociology • Distribution of resources ◦ advertising should be considered as a social institution ◦ ex. Superbowl ads can make or break some companies – companies will have employees who work on these ads all year and invest millions of dollars • Impact on society ◦ approximately 3500 ads are observed a day by a regular person ◦ ex. Kleenex and Q-Tips are brands that people commonly use to label common products ◦ impact the minds of youths and people in a whole ◦ “a diamond is forever” - makes people think that you need to have a diamond to get engaged • agent of social control ◦ parents, police, etc – now advertising is a form of social control ◦ values and norms that we live by, advertising very much tells us what those are ◦ tells us what to wear, how to act, etc ◦ represents a privileged form of discourse – something that has a place of special common in our lives, in the past it was the elders of your families, political people, leaders of your church – today these traditional roles/influence are lessened, but not fully diminished ◦ now we determine more about a person through what they wear, what car they drive, etc Public Opinion • what has greater influence on society? ◦ Schools – 54% ◦ Advertising – 42% • “most advertising is an insult to one's intelligence” ◦ yes – 60% • whether you think advertising is necessary to promote a product, if it makes you spend more money, whether they are believable ◦ about half said yes Types of Advertising • Ambient Advertising ◦ advertising that's in our faces everywhere we go ◦ intrusive ads in public places ◦ cost of traditional media advertising has gone through the roof, now internet advertising is more profitable ◦ criticisms from within industry ▪ Bob Garfield – “environment pollutants” ◦ in the 80's, advertising became more creative/unique (ads on sides of cows, on parking meters” ◦ first outdoor advertising was for Coca-Cola ◦ “Got Milk” bus shelter
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