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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

November 2nd 2012 lecture - Advertising & Culture Globalizationofpopularculture - its not of popular culture its of American culture - the representation of american culture world wide - the emergence of globalization: cold war period = polarization vs globalization = integration - it effects economics, politics, environment (what brought us into a realization that there is more people in the world than us) - contaminates in northern canadian women’s breast milk, places in south america are still using bad chemicals, rain washes to streams, streams go to oceans, fish eat this then it goes up the coast - environmental concerns are why we are so invested about whats around us - corporations are now a part of the business world - interdependence between: nation states, transnational corporations, and between individuals - major corporations, gone worldwide to increase revenue but are pretty much promoting american culture - sells values and ideals and dictates the norms of behavior Globalizingthe‘AmericanDream’ - IR changed attitude towards consumption - things produced on demand and in greater numbers - advertisers had to convince us to buy these products we didn’t even know we needed - create a need - now this is being reenacted on a global scale - what was done after the IR here, is now being done in other countries now - 1900- exposition in Paris - goods replaced other aspects of culture to meet emotional needs “ dream world of pleasure, comfort & amusement” - depending on what class you belonged to, you wouldn’t be able to afford the goods - ex. computer 5000 now 500 - technology makes things a lot cheaper so now it dosent matter, you can have the same things that the upper class has ex. laptop and tv - middle and upper class could buy more, makes them say now i have a laptop like the upper class - this is now happening in less fortunate countries because they can have things they never thought they could dream of - lower-class economic marketing - sell phones to them so they feel better, temporary sense of wealth and be connected to the american dream Luxury&Fantasyofwealth 3 strongest representations of American Culture 1. coca-cola - values: happiness 2. McDonalds - values: fun, companionship, family 3. Nike - overcoming obstacles, being the best you can be, independence, winning November 2nd 2012 lecture - Advertising & Culture Coke- happiness - first outdoor billboard advertisement - coke label on a train outside - 1960s- all about bliss happiness and freedom - ‘life tastes good’ - ‘feeling of optimism, brightness - coke #1 pepsi #2 - of kids first choice soft drinks - credited with making the modern image of santa clause - not true - first soft drink company called white rock beverages - advertising ginger ale 1923 - and 1915 for mineral water - used classy looking woman to advertise - became coke in 1941 as a nick name - 1971 - id like to teach the world to sing - became a hit but it was a commercial first - wars with pepsi - taste tests with coke and pepsi - 50% of the people that said they prefer coke actually drank pepsi - statisticians say they cant tell the difference - coke bought columbia pictures in 1922 and showed ads during their movies but they let that go - when they set up factories th
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