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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Dec 5th lecture remember ads - which ones didn't get past and which ones did 100 q just know the bottom line 3-4 questions on each video 60 readings 40 lec merchants of cool SocialAdvertising InAncientGreece&Rome - social advertising campaigns to free the slaves - as long as there has been social systems there has been influence and social advertising InEngland - to abolish debtor prisons - to get voting rights for women - to do away with child labour In19thCenturyAmerica - campaigns to abolish slavery, temperance, prohibition & suffragette - regulate quality of food and drugs - govntofcanadanumber1advertiser-healthpromo-dollarwise - in this we differ from the US - the environment is another area - economy, job skills, training - family violence, human rights issues, diversity - this is all human advertising HealthpromostrategiesatHealthCanada - deliver health promotion messages to specific populations - help individuals make decisions that are related to maintaining and improving health & well-being - push for health promo in 70s! - Lalonde Report 1974 - a new perspective on the health of canadians - it was influential in shaping the issues to health overall - key philosophical issue “should government be in business of - modifying human behv and marketing social change - in the 80s social advertising becomes more institutionalized - anti- smoking campaigns have a big effect on people Dec 5th lecture SocialAdvertisinginthe90s - major expansion - anorexia, bulimia etc focused - challenge to youth - extremely successful - students submit 20 second bits - federal tobacco control - heather the waitress got lung cancer because of all the people smoking in the restaurant- she died- thats when second hand smoke became a huge thing - mid 70s to 2000 we saw a big increase in the number of social advertising - amazing mind reader reveals his tricks - sa
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