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Gale Cassidy

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nov 28 lecture Children&advertising billboardsthatlookback - first in N.A was cocacola - new form in 2008 - billboard has a camera in it and recognized how long and who are looking at your ads - some people not happy because of camera issue - invading privacy - company says they don’t keep the pictures - also arguments against red light cameras - ikea and mcdonalds uses it too - rather than just trying to guess who your target audience is they can actually know - with the internet they can track what your doing so traditional advertising had to step up and do the same Childrenandadvertising - some people think its a bad idea to market to young people - the critical look is taken with regards to children - in quebec they banned all advt to kind under 13 - there is guidelines to advertising to kids - not allowed to use cartoon characters for advertising to kids - so advertisers make up characters Pester power ** - get kids to pester parents to get the product - 2 kinds - persistent nagging - ask over and over again - old fashioned less sophisticated - importance nagging - they say they need something in order to do better, make parents experience guilt, parents substitute these things for time Building brand name loyalty - naomi klein - no logo - book - mid 1980s- birth of a new kind of corporation - create a brand loyalty - really important to build it early - primary focus is to create an image to go with the brand name - according to the center for a new american dream at 6 months kids will be able to identify mascots and corporate logos - at 2 years brand loyalties established - at 8 years 300 brands can be identified and recognized - and then in school it becomes important to have the most popular gear - brand marketing must begin with children why is it so important they advertise to children? 1. kids have their own purchasing power - and have more money than before 2. influence parents buying decisions - ex. kids impact parents vehicle choice - automobile companies and banks target kids the most now 3. become adult consumers of the future foryears - companies have been cultivating brand recognition in children now - adult-oriented business getting in on act - banks will keep you all your life - starts when your little making a savings account - they convince you about all the things you need to do for the future - magazines launched kid & teen editions - the ads in these are for traveling - adult related products - internet - we know more than
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