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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Advertising & the End of the World (Sut Jhally, Department of Communications at University of Massachusetts) First 30 minutes on exam Advertising & Culture - Advertising is a ‘Magic System’where material things have immense powers of transformation - An economist would see the DIFFERENCES between the consumer culture and what came before - In the 1980s the average person was exposed to 1500 commercial impressions a day, 3600 today - $175 Billion spent on advertising in US in 1996 - 100% Broadcast profit from advertising, 50% of magazines from advertising other 50% from subscriptions - Commercialization of the sky proposed - “Diamonds are Forever” campaign which came from MadisonAvenue DeBeers which has global monopoly on diamonds - To not be influence by advertising would be to live OUTSIDE the bubble, no one lives outside the bubble ▯ Two results ofAds: - Advertising is everywhere - Huge amounts of money and creativity are spent on these ads ▯ Ask…? Wrong Questions: Does an ad campaign make people purchase the item advertised? Right Question: What impact does advertising have on the culture? What are the CONSISTENT stores told by advertisers about what is important in the world What VALUES do ads stress? How do we Identify the consistent stories of advertising? ‘How do we become happy? - Every society has a story about happiness - Ad system has specific answer: consumption - Consumptions central to economies function - Not just happiness by political freedom - Wendy’s Soviet Union Choice Does Happiness come from MATERIALThings? Do we get happier as we
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