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Lecture 4

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Week 4: Consumerism It costs millions of dollars to be an official Olympics sponsor • Nike had that ad that played all throughout it and didn’t put the word Olympics in it though they implied with all the ‘London’signs and athletics Product Placement • American Idol, Ricky Bobby, Steve Jobs, Gossip Girl, The Internship • Tons of product placement and we’re used to it • Ralph Nader talks about the movie thing and wants the end of product placement but it’s never going to happen • Not as successful as they used to be • An advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, TV or other media (video games) • It’s not a straight cut money deal • Agreement between a manufacturer and media company • 90% involve no exchange of money Fist product placement in the 1880s • French silent film • Sunlight Savon • Wings (1927) was another product placement with a Hershey’s chocolate bar • When did it get big? o ET!!! 1982 o Featured Reese’s Pieces in a pivotal scene o M&M declined o The deal involved no money but the sales of pieces jumped 65% in two weeks o Became successful here Canadian Soap Opera called Riverdale • If people are going to believe they’re inside a Canadian mall, they’re not going to believe it unless there are real companies and brand names around • 250 ads • 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (biggest deal as far as dollar values in product placement over 100 million dollars in sponsers, BMW, Heinken, Smirnoff, L’Oreal, etc.) • Risky Business with Ray Ban • HomeAlone 2 with a recording device called a Talk Boy (gadget didn’t exist but afterwards there was such a demand that Tiger actually made it) • BMW paid 3 million dollars for 007 to drive a BMW in GoldenEye o They made 240 million after the movie • Toy Story…everything o Barbie, etch-a-sketch, etc. • Castaway and FedEx o FedEx was never part of the deal • Internship
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