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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Shelley Cross- Mellor

Second Term - Society and Advertising Commercial Examples▯ Jimmy Kimmel: how you get sucked into our consumer society▯ ▯ - advertising iPhone 5, but, given iPhone 4▯ “find your greatness” - olympic advertisement ▯ - Nike (not really talking about the olympics so get away with it going on during the olympics - use a lot of London's around the world but not where the olympics actually was)▯ ▯ Subliminal Advertising▯ - 75% know about▯ - 60% say advertisers use it▯ - 75% say it works▯ ▯ - science doesn’t match this▯ - originator of term: James Vicary, 1957▯ - “eat popcorn” and “drink coca-cola”▯ - images would flash very quickly every so often (you wouldn’t consciously notice it but sub consciously you would)▯ - popcorn and coke sales went up▯ - 5 years late came out that he made the whole thing up ▯ - unable to replicate the study (no details)▯ - Wilson Bryan Key - 1970s▯ - 2 books: Subliminal Seduction & Media Exploitation▯ - expands definition: embedded images as well ▯ - use of subliminal sexual symbols or objects ▯ - if you see sexual images you feel good looking at it and therefore will be more likely to buy it ▯ - is the image actually there? does it actually influence buying behavior?▯ - if someone points out these images to you, you can’t “un-see” it▯ - examples: ▯ - the Ritz cracker: the word “sex” implanted on the cracker ▯ - “sex” in ice cubes for alcohol ▯ - Budweiser: clouds as sexual imagery ▯ - Pepsi: cans line up to spell sex (pulled from shelves)▯ - Coke: “feel the curves” ice cube has sexual imagery▯ - Police: marijuana leaves embedded in emblem on the car▯ - sometimes not the company’s idea▯ - D.J. Flooring: sexual advertising for something that has nothing to do with sex▯ - ABC rejected KFC’s hidden message ad because of policy against subliminal advertising▯ ▯ ▯ - counter argument, if you stare at something long enough you’ll likely see something sexual or whatever ▯ - the witch test: once you know it’s there it’s no longer subliminal▯ - not really a way to prove it ▯ Second Term - Society and Advertising ▯ Controversy for Decades▯ - inconsistent use of the term subliminal▯ - embedded images▯ - message with over powering stimulus ▯ - playing a record backward and giving you a message ▯ - lack of precise and standardized processes▯ - lack of adequate conception of unconscious processes▯ - don’t know enough about the brain to say one way or another▯ ▯ - calls for it be banned (probably will never happen)▯ - examples:▯ - The Internship: all about google▯ - Gossip Girl: bags and shopping▯ - Two and a Half Men: Ashton placed it himself▯ - 007: biggest product placement of its time▯ - an advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media▯ - now common in video games as well▯ - older shows, and Trailer Park Boys, hid labels▯ - want to make sure products are seen in a good light▯ - agreement between a manufacturer and media company▯ - 90% involve no exchange of money▯ ▯ 1800s Debut▯ - Sunlight Soap on a cart▯ - very obvious and
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