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Gale Cassidy

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Lecture 1Why advertising is studied in sociologyoDistribution of resourcesoImpact on societyoAgent of social controlAmbient in advertisingoIntrusive ads in publicoCriticisms within industryBob Garfield environment pollutantsStealth endorsersoUse or wear products in public appearancesNaming rightsoTurning public spaces into commoditiesTattooing on AthletesoNevada Athletic commission if they want to advertise on the trunks that is fine with us But we feel that the body is not meant to advertisestSociology 2172 Lecture 2 the history of advertising January 21 2014Prior to industrial evolution there wasnt anything to advertiseBack in the day Advertising to persuadeconvince someoneinform someonegather peoplePreliterate period 3000400 BCo1200 BC painted or carved messages on stonesoFirst few thousand of years What they advertised what services are being offeredwhat events were going ontho6 century BC town criersoTown criers were dressed a certain way and would be announcing what theyre paid to announceoFirst statesanctioned form of advertising and most common form of advertising throughout history town crieroral advertisingAdvantage reach a lot of people portable hired because voice was persuasiveDisadvantage Town criers dont hang around much as an employee may be unreliable disposition might not be very good costlyClassical period 400 BC1400 ADoStill have oral mediacontinued to dominate even though people started to get literateoAnyone taking schooling was through Church believed only upper class really needed to study literacyoStreet advertisingStill advertising eventsservices posting ads on walls in very basic languagePersonal classified advertising etc wanted lost and found informing public that your wife ran awayBy 1200s British started creating trademarks to prevent consumers from faulty productsLate middle ages 14001600 oDiscovery of North America and people started to leave EuropeoAdvertising became part of NA experience before people got to NA due to invention of brochure not very much thtextvery basic first published in 1600s 17 centuryoWhat they were promising in brochures werent true false advertising campaignoThe printing press was invented by Gutenberg in 1450 actual fact was a Chinese guy invented one in 1051 but it didnt catch on Made it possible to produce more posters faster it was more efficientArgued that it was the key to civilization you can record info and build on infooLiteracy is increasing and less use of town crier many businesses and city officials used posters rather than town crierso1480 first poster was produced and was advertising a rule book for priests books were most commonly advertised in the beginning by the posters1600soTransporting goods worldwideadvertising became more importantCoffee became spreading as pattern of behaviour and a drinkoNewspapers in England in late 1600sAds informative and descriptive not persuasiveNo products to advertise yet and there werent brandsUsed for advertising lost and found increasing use of newspaper to advertise1800s NewspaperoPrior were very basic but the printing trades become industrialized cylinder presses that could produce thousands in an hour stoHalifax Gazette in 1720 1 Canadian newspaper adoMid 1800s age of newspaperoBy 1900s there were more than 40 cities with more than one newspaper Toronto had 6 daily newspapersoNew technology made newspapers cheaper had color and illustrationoAds are becoming more persuasiveLate 1800s Industrial revolutionoBegan in Europe and came into NA in mid 1800soMost of the people are still producing their own stuffoThe Cottage industry prior to industrial revolution make crafts in their homes and have their own home businessoCheaper and more efficient to have factories rather than people working in their homeslead to factories becoming more popularoManufacturingbrandingadvertisingBeginning of product advertising oBrandsNames logos packaging designsA history a reputation a meaning to consumers a personalityoNowadays we tend to see ads promoting a brand that already existsa product that already existsMid 1800 Travelling salesmanoFilled critical niche in American marketingoIf you were in the smaller cities you tended to be left outtravelling salesman were usedoMiddlemen between manufacturers and local stores try to get them to carry their productsoDoortodoor getting end consumers to buy itoOn street corners and public venuesoBy 1900s 350 000 travelling salesman were doing business in NA selling the products of companiesoThey would drag people out of the crowd and make all these claims about the product people started calling for something to be done about the ads and lying salesmanLate 1800s advertising agenciesoAdvertising became a fullfledged institution once agencies were developedoMarketplace was being crowded with products manufacturers were busy making the products but also needed to promote their productsneeded group of people to advertise for themoA lot of the early people who worked in agencies were journalistsoMarketed a lifestyle rather than a product etc Arrow shirtsoLearned about the product to promote the advertising etc Schlitz beer Promoted that Schlitz Beer steamcleaned their bottleswere more hygienic EVEN THOUGH other beer companies would steam clean their bottles tooEarly 1900s the Great TransitionoUrbanization is expandingmore cities oBetter and faster printingoAdvertising becomes more of a profession institutionalization of advertisingoPeople were writing articles challenging advertising and false promises changed marketing purposes oBeginning of code of ethics what you can and cant sayoProducers could say whatever they wanted to about their productsMid 1900s period of social insecurityoAll these products coming to exist oPeople started being concerned with bad breath and etiquette oAdvertising became a determinant of human consciousnessoProducts that were a luxury become something you have to usepeople became more selfconscious and people are worried about not having the products they need to be socially acceptableAdvertising and waroMuch more common in Europe than Canada during the first war but by second war more ads were used in Canada to get people to buy war bonds and join the armyoPolitical campaigns are advertising campaignsAdvertising in 1930s
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