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Lecture 2

Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Naming Rights, Polo Shirt, Bob Garfield

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SOC 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

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Lecture #2
Types of Advertising
-About 3500-4000 advertisements before the advent of the Internet.
#1) Ambient advertising
They’re the intrusive ads in public places (ads at the back of bathroom door stalls).
Ad clutter- environments is cluttered with ads
Ad fatigue- fatigue that occurs due to ad clutter.
Criticisms within the industry: Bob Garfield- “environment pollutants”
Some people argue that you cant send a message and sell products. Ex: McDonalds supportive
Billboards, Mobile billboards (on trucks), Floating billboards, and 3D billboards as a form of
advertising (first billboard in north America).
Ads on umbrellas and in swimming pools, on the sides of buildings, and in airports. In every available
space, advertisements are taking up space.
Ads have become so intrusive that you’re basically a walking billboard now.
A leather scent could make people more likely to buy stuff.
“Diet, allergies, and poor people” were the main reason the chocolate chip smell ad was taken down.
Advertising in Outer Space
“Advertising in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a human being on the surface of
the Earth without the aid of a telescope or other technological device.”
It was banned, but it could happen.
#2) Stealth Endorsers:
Use or wear products in public appearances, interviews. They get celebrities to wear their products.
It’s “under the radar”. The individual is being branded but stealth endorsers do not promote their
#3) Naming Rights:
Turning public places into commodities, you purchase them and use the name.
Ashley Madison tried naming rights to a stadium, and they offered $25 million.
Ashley Madison wanted to name the phoenix airport the Ashley Madison airport and offered $10
Body Tattooing, People offer body space to advertise. More people offer to get their bodies tattooed
than companies are offering.
Tattooing Athletes, Nevada Athletic commission (NAC): “ If they want to advertise on the trunks, it is
fine with us. But we feel that the body is not meant to advertise.” They banned tattoos on their
athletes, and they also argued that these tattoos might distract the judges.
#4) Product Placement
#5) Advertising in Movie theaters
Cinema Billboard Network: “ We have a captive audience watching your advertisement. No
interruptions! The patrons sitting in theaters are not going anywhere.”
Ralph Nader did not support that and said the customers have a choice as to how they use their time.
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