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09 April 2012 - Social Advertising Part II.docx

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Sociology 2172A/B
Jennifer Silcox

Social Advertising Part II Example of Social Advertising CampaignsDrug addictions abortions anorexia homelessness holocaust awarenessMeth is a very popular one convincing people not to take it showing graphic imagesWorkplace safetyFocusing on how they are not accidents because the companies didnt take initiative to prevent themo 1 The restaurant accidento 2 The Construction Accident o 3 The Factory Accident o 4 The Retail Store Accident o 5 The electricity AccidentSeatbelt Public Awareness o Video Embrace LifeOnline campaign didnt want to go on tv but wanted them to play before movies Went on Youtube was top rated video of all time really popularMom and daughter holding on to the dad in the living room like a seatbelt simulated car accident in a chair Visual metaphor embrace life every day Sex Dolls Fight Mexican Machismo o Used sex dolls to fight the underlying assumption about female workers in M
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