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19 Mar 12 - Women in Advertising.docx

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Jennifer Silcox

Women in Advertising Got milk Got PMSNot only are women in media going crazy but wives and other relationships in personal lives as wellSuggests that husband are in danger as well VirginWhore DichotomyWe should see women as being virginal but also sexual at the same timeDifficult for women to do thisAdvertisements o TamponsIf you break the hymen you would no longer be a virgin Had to make certain ones to accommodate virgins o National Campaign to Prevent Teen PregnancyLabeling men as the pricks for getting her pregnant also calling women rejects for having sex cheap dirty nobody o May not be able to get past the label as a whore as easy as being called a prick o Candies FoundationDont have to have sex to be sexy sexy enough to keep you waitingGender Stereotypes and AdvertisingStereotyped representations of women feminity and beautyWhat about masculinity How does advertising portray boys men and masculinit
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