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27 Feb 12 - Celebrities and Product Placement.docx

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Sociology 2172A/B
Jennifer Silcox

Celebrities and Product PlacementWhen looking at celeb and product placement and endorsements viewers find it more insulting if you use a celebrity without a good message Advertisements have to be creative and able to grab the viewers attentionCelebrity Advertisements Exposing a Myth of Advertising Effectiveness o Studied every nationally televised tv ad found that celebrity ads performed below average or just nearly equaled the ads without celebrities o Celebrities were a big waste of money big names did not pay the dividends o Fewer than 12 exceeded a 10 lift o 20 of celebrity ads had a negative impact o Ads that were able to connect to the viewer had an impact and connectedHave celebrities lost their pizazz when influencing consumersWorst celebrity TV ads of 2010 o Tiger Woods Nike did you Learn Anything Depreciated by 30People didnt know what the ad was trying to sell them o Lance Armstrong Radio Shack No Emoticons 28 o Kenny Mayne Gillette Good Segment 28 o Dale Earnhardt JrMost effective Celebrity TV ads from 2010 o Oprah Winfrey
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