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Celebrities and Product Placement
- When looking at celeb and product placement and endorsements, viewers find it more insulting
if you use a celebrity without a good message. Advertisements have to be creative and able to
grab the viewer’s attention
- Celebrity Advertisements: Exposing a Myth of Advertising Effectiveness
o Studied every nationally televised tv ad, found that celebrity ads performed below
average, or just nearly equaled the ads without celebrities
o Celebrities were a big waste of money, big names did not pay the dividends
o Fewer than 12% exceeded a 10% lift
o 20% of celebrity ads had a negative impact
o Ads that were able to connect to the viewer had an impact and connected
- Have celebrities lost their pizazz when influencing consumers?
- Worst celebrity TV ads of 2010
o Tiger Woods: Nike did you Learn Anything? (Depreciated by 30%)
People didn’t know what the ad was trying to sell them
o Lance Armstrong: Radio Shack No Emoticons (28%)
o Kenny Mayne: Gillette Good Segment (28%)
o Dale Earnhardt Jr.
- Most effective Celebrity TV ads from 2010
o Oprah Winfrey: Liberty Mutual Think you can Text and Drive?
o Ed Burns: iShares Ed Burns
o Oprah’s No Phone Zone Commercials
Connected with the viewer’s emotions
- Adly Advertising and Celebrity Tweeting
o Works with celebrity’s and tweet certain things to get people to go out and buy it
o Adly pays celebrities to tweet about a certain product that people should go and buy
o In 2011, Adly CEO said that Charlie Sheen would be the companies most valuable asset,
previous was Kim Kardashian
- Product Placements
o An advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a
non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, TV, or other
Agreement between a manufacturer and media company
90% involve no exchange of money
Used to be non-popular, would refrain from doing it. Now it is more common
- Défilé du 8e Batallion (1896)
o First known product placement
o Wheelbarrow that had “sunlight soap” logo on it
- Can You Spot the Product Placements?
o A lot of them were done in effective way, did so in ways that weren’t blatantly obvious
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