Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Human Capital, Consumerism, Determinant

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Sociology 2172
Marshall McLuhan – leading profit of electronic age – wrote medium is the message
All advertising advertises advertisements – every ad that you see is promoting advertising
Ad clutter we see ads everywhere, even if we don’t want to be looking at them – our landscape is
cluttered with advertising
oAd clutter might result in backlash from consumers
oExposed to 4000 ads a day prior to internet age
Ad fatigue people are exhausted (tired out) from all of the advertising campaigns
Privileged form of discourse – something that has a place of special prominence in our lives
oA century ago
Church sermons – go to church then give a sermon
Politicians – political leaders important key figures
Discourse through and about objects – moving away from intimate forms of discourse
We are communicating more through “stuff” than anything else
Brand tribes – want to be part of Nike tribe – says something about you
Resource use increase does not result in an increase in happiness
Ads make up a lot of our mass media – product placements, video games
Ads are present in every aspect of our lives – in personal settings
Why advertising is studied in sociology?
oDistribution of resources
Economic resources
Social resources – human capital, people involved in the industry
oImpact on society
Introduction of TV in the 40’s can get a message out to everybody
Studies on introducing TV to a society – went back a year later – people less satisfied
with life, more consumerism, rifts in the community between haves and have nots,
oDeterminant of human behavior
Ads are one of the most powerful sources in society in determining our behavior –
defines how we should live
Norms – unwritten rules we have to follow
Advertising impacts norms – a normative institution – teaches us how we ought to
behave and act
Tells about roles and statuses of people – who is important and who is not (abled
body vs. disabled, white people vs. other races, men vs. women)
Advertising only reflects are certain segment of society
Views on advertising
oProponents of advertising
It provides information
Ads today actually provide very little info about the product
oNow, advertising doesn’t tap into intellectual, but emotions
It encourages a higher standard of living
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