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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

Research Methods Lecture- April 8, 2013 Experiments  When you want to prove causality you do an experiment, used for explanatory purposes  The easiest type of experiment is called the Before/After experiment: one group of individuals, you give them a PRETEST and then a POSTTEST  Experiments are supposed to have control o Control groups are given pretest and posttest but nothing happens in between, this is called s CLASSICAL EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN o Control and experiment group have NO PRETEST o They all get a posttest- that’s what all these groups have in common (experiment group, control group) o Control experiments: Before, after, pre test, post test, random assignment, control for factors other then independent variable o Quasi Experiments- has all characteristics accept for random assignment (self-selected) o Natural Experiments- control groups are determined AFTER you manipulate the independent variable o Experiments are less expensive then other data gathering techniques o Evaluation Research/Real world experiment: you want to find out wheth
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