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Lecture 2

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Sociology 2206A/B
Donna Maynard

Research DesignsChapter 2What is a research designoA framework for the collection and analysis of dataoBoth quantitative andor qualitative research designsoNature of the research question usually important to choice of designoResearch ethics are importantChoice of design depends first on kind of explanation you wantoTwo basic traditionsNomothemic designsQuantitative researchers tend to use this moreIdeographic designsQualitative researchers tend to use this moreNomothemic DesignsAttributions of cause and effect expressed in terms of broad generalizationsExoThe rate of suicide in a society is a function of the average level of social integration in itoThe overall health of adults is partially a function of their job prestigeApplied to people who were not actually in the study as well as those who were representative sampleCause and effecttwo key terms in Nomothemic researchoIndependent variable the proposed causeoDependent variable the proposed effectIdeographic DesignsA rich description of a person or groupCause and effect relations are focused on interpretation and meaningoEX Jim is never sure if he is liked by his siblings or not Their relatively cold shouldered approach contrasts his own warm enthusiasm for affection causing
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