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Chapter 1

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Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

S\`W^ŵ ŵ `S`_ŶŶŴŹ Z`^[VaU`[Z `aV `S` _` U_ O W_WS^U _SZ \^[UW__T c U ZX[^S` [Z __ _`WS` US SZVUS^WXa YS`W^WVX[^`W\a^\[_W[XSZ_cW^ ZY]aW_` [Z_WS Z ZY VWS_[^`W_` ZY `W[^ W_ O `S` _` USSZS _ _ _^WWbSZ`[Z X[^`[_W^W_WS^U\^[WU`_cW^W`W ZX[^S` [ZU[WU`WV _^W\^W_WZ`WVT ZaTW^_ O aW^ US ZX[^S` [Z _USWVVS`S O W\a^\[_W[X_`S` _` U_ _`[SZS WSZVSZ \aS`WVS`S O `S`_`U_S^W_W`_[XS`WS` US`WUZ ]aW_a_WVT _[U S_U WZ` _`_`[ [^YSZ WSZVSZ \aS`WVS`SX[^`W\a^\[_W[XSZ_cW^ ZY]aW_` [Z_SZV `W_` ZY`W[^ W_ O S`S`S`S_TWWZUS^WXa U[WU`WVSZV`[aY`Xa SZS WVS^W`W _`^[ZYW_`[_`[TWU` bWX[aZVS` [Z_X[^Ta V ZY`W[^ SZVWZSZU ZY aZVW^_`SZV ZY O W^W_WS^UW^a_`TWSTW`[a_W_`S` _` U_WXXWU` bW `[[^YSZ WWbSaS`W SZVSZS W`WVS`S O U WZ` X U`W[^ SZV^W_WS^UU[Z` ZaS _S\WWSU[`W^ W[W[X`S` _` U_ ZU WZ` X U Z]a ^ O `W[^ _SZW\SZS` [Z[X`W^WS` [Z_ \_TW`cWWZ\WZ[WZS O ZWS[^V XXW^WZUWTW`cWWZ[a^ ZX[^SWbW^ VS W\SZS` [Z_[X_[U S \WZ[WZSSZV_U WZ` X U`W[^ _`S``WS``W^ __aTWU``[S^ Y[^[a_ `W_` ZY\^[UW__ O bS^STW _SZ `^S ``S`USZUSZYWbSaW_X^[US_W`[US_W!W"YW YWZVW^^SUW# O [WbS^ STW_c TW VWZ` X WVS_USa_W_SZV[`W^_c TW VWZ` X WVS_ WXXWU`[^^W_a`_ O Sa_W_S^WUSWVZVW\WZVWZ`bS^STW_SZVWXXWU`_[^^W_a`_S^WUSWV VW\WZVWZ`bS^STW_ O ZW\^[TW`S` _[X`WZXSUWVcWZU[ZVaU` ZY^W_WS^U _`S`_U WZ` X U `W[^ W_S^W`[[U[\WSZVST_`^SU``[TWXa `W_`WV ZS_ ZYW^W_WS^U \^[WU` O \[`W__ _S_`S`WWZ`ST[a``W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZbS^ STW_`S` c W[Y US VW^ bWVX^[`W`W[^ _aU[^W_\WU X USZVWSU` O _[a^VWX Z ` [Z_VWbW[\SZV`W \[`W_W_`S$W_S\WcWTWY Z`WZW` _`W\[X`W^W_WS^U\^[UW__Va^ ZYc UcWc VWU VWWSU` [ccWc YS`W^[a^VS`S O W_W\SZ_c WSV`[`W[T_W^bS` [Z\S_WcW^W_[U S^WS ` _ WS_a^WV O Œ ZS cWU[W`[`W_`S` _` U_cW^WSS^YWU[WU` [Z[XZaW^ USVS`S _ \^W_WZ`WV O Œ ^_`_`S` _` U_S^WU^aU S" `[a`_`S` _` U_]aSZ` `S` bW^W_WS^U _ \[__ TW" `[a`]aSZ` `S` bW^W_WS^U`WVWbW[\WZ`[X`W_[U S _U WZUW_c[aVTW \S ^WV O WU[ZV`W^[W[X_`S` _` U_ _ `WV O WX[^WSZ _`S` _` USSZS _ _USZTWWY ` S`W S\\ WV`W\^WUWV ZY \S_W_[X`W\^[UW__a_`SbWTWWZ_aUUW__Xa U[\W`WV O Z T _aUUW__Xa U[\W` ZYS\S_W_[X`W\^[UW__USZS]aSZ` `S` bW \^[WU`[\W`[U[Z`^ Ta`W`[aZVW^_`SZV ZY O __`S` _` USSZS _ _U[W_`[SZWZVcWc[aVTWY Z`[VWbW[\W\ ^ US YWZW^S S` [Zc WcWc[aVX[Ua_[ZS__W__ ZY[a^`W[^ SZV[[$X[^ [`W^`^WZV_ Z[a^VS`S O _cW\^[TWV`WVS`ScW Y`TWY Z`[VWbW[\_[WYWZW^S S` [ZTS_WV [Z`WW\ ^ US\S``W^Z_cW[T_W^bW O _cWVWbW[\WV`WZ`S` bWW\SZS` [Z_cWc[aVTWY Z`[^Wb _W[^ WST[^S`W[a^`W[^ O SSUW_cWW[X_U WZUW a_`^S`W_[c`W[^ _` aS`W_^W_WS^USZV [c^W_WS^U_S\W_`W[^ O _U[Z_`SZ` Z`W^SU` [ZTW`cWWZ`W[^ SZV^W_WS^U _`W XWT[[V[X _U WZUWSZV`W$W `[WZSZU ZY[a^aZVW^_`SZV ZY_[X`W_[U Sc[^V O WV S[YaWTW`cWWZ`W[^ SZV^W_WS^U[UUa^_S`SZ WbW_SZV Z a` \WX[^_ O `S` _` U_S^W[ZW[X`W[_` \[^`SZ` Z$_TW`cWWZ`c[^WS_\W^ `a_ `[SZS WVS`S`[ VWZ` X SZV\^[TW`^WZV_SZV^WS` [Z_ \_`[VWbW[\ YWZW^S S` [Z_SZV`[^Wb _WSZV \^[bW[a^`W[^ W_ O `S` _` U_S^W `WV ZSZ cS _ O W S^WS_[SZ ZV _\WZ_STW\S^`[X`W^W_WS^UWZ`W^\^ _W W_U^ \` bWSZV ZXW^WZ` S`S` _` U_ O W^WS^W`c[YWZW^SUS__W_[X_`S` _` US`WUZ ]aW_ O W_U^\`bW_`S`_`U_ % cWZ`W^W_WS^UW^ZWWV_`[_aS^ W[^VW_U^ TW`WV _`^ Ta` [Z[XS _ ZYWbS^ STW`W_WS^WUSWVaZbS^S`WVW_U^ \` bW_`S` _` U_ % VW_U^ TW`W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ`c[[^[^WbS^ STW_ _USWV TbS^S`W[^a`b^S`WVW_U^ \` bW_`S` _` U_ O c UWbW^W`[Va_WV`[^W\^W_WZ``WVS`S`W\a^\[_W _`[^WVaUW`W ZX[^S` [Z Z`[WS_ aZVW^_`[[VZaTW^_ O S`S^WVaU`[Z _`W\^[UW__[XS[c ZYSXWcZaTW^__aS^ WSZ ZaTW^_` _ _`WTS_ UY[S[XVW_U^ \` bW_`S` _` U_ O W_WU[ZV` \W[XVW_U^ \` bW_`S` _` U_ _VW_ YZWV`[W\`W ZbW_` YS`[^ aZVW^_`SZV`W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ`c[[^[^WbS^ STW_ O WS_a^W_[^S__[
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