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Chapter 8

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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

S\`W^`S`_ ›ZbW^bWc[X \[`W__W_`ZY O WX^_`W\ SZS`[ZcUcWc STW W\ SZS`[Z_`S``WVXXW^WZUW TW`cWWZ`W\[\a S`[ZWSZSZV`W_S\ WWSZ^WX WU`_S^WS VXXW^WZUW O WVXXW^WZUW__`S`_`US _YZXUSZ`Z`W_WZ_W`S``_bW^aZ W `[ [UUa^T^SZV[USZUW O W_WU[ZVW\ SZS`[Z[^W\ SZS`[Z_`S``W[T_W^bWVVXXW^WZUW TW`cWWZ_S\ WSZV\[\a S`[ZWSZ_cS_USa_WVTW^W^SZV[USZUW W^W_Z[\[^`SZ`VXXW^WZUW O _ [ZYS_cWS^Wc[^ZYc`S_S\ W^S`W^`SZ`WWZ`^WY^[a\cW USZZ[`Z[c`WSZ_cW^`[`_]aW_`[Z[cWbW^cWUSZ_W`a\SVWU_[Z SZY\^[UWVa^W O _VWU_[ZSZY\^[UW__TWYZ_c``WS__a\`[Z_`S`W\ SZS`[Z _U[^^WU`a \[`W__! O _ZY[a^Z[c WVYW[X`W_`SZVS^V"WVZ[^S V_`^Ta`[ZcWUSZSVV Xa^`W^a_WXa ZX[^S`[Z`[`__S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[Z[X_S\ WWSZ_ O \WUXUS c`#_U[^W_cWUSZVW_U^TW`WVWU_[Z_`S`WV\^Wb[a_ $ SZ_S\ W[a`U[Wc``W\^[TST ` W__`SZŴŴŹc USa_Wa_`[^W'WU` W\ SZS`[Z O W\^[TST `[XŴŴŹUSZTW`^SZ_ S`WVZ`[SZS^WSSZVVbVWVW]aS Z`[`Wa\\W^SZV [cW^`S _[X`W_S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[Z O Z_S\ W[a`U[WXS ZYZ`W_SVWVS^WS_c[a VUSa_Wa_`[^W'WU` W\ SZS`[Z O `S`^WSZ__`[`^SZ_ S`W[a^_S\ W[a`U[WZ`[S#(_U[^W_[`S`cW USZ_WWcW^W`XS _[Z`WUa^bW O [V[`_cWa_W`W_`SZVS^VX[^a SX[^ [US`ZYSZ\S^`Ua S^ V_`^Ta`[Z_ O ^`[XZV`WW]abS WZ`#_U[^WX[^SZ^Sc_U[^W_aT`^SU``WWSZ[X`W V_`^Ta`[ZX^[`W^Sc_U[^WSZVVbVWT`W_`SZVS^VVWbS`[Z[X`W V_`^Ta`[Z O ^`[XZVW]abS WZ`#_U[^WX[^SZ_S\ WWSZ_aT`^SU``WWSZ[X`W _S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[ZcU_W]aS `[`W\[\a S`[ZWSZ[^X^[`W _S\ WWSZSZVVbVWT`W_`SZVS^VVWbS`[Z[X`W_S\ ZY V_`^Ta`[Z W bW`W\ [VWX[^ \[`W__W_`ZY ŵ ŒSZYS__a\`[Z_SZVWW`ZY`W_`^W]a^WWZ`_ O `W_`[X\[`W__a_`TWTS_WV[ZS^SZV[_S\ W`S`S_ TWWZ_W WU`WVSUU[^VZY`[`W^a W_[X Œ O ['a_`XU[\a`S`[Z[XSWSZ`WbS^ST WTWZY`W_`WVa_`TW Z`W^bS (^S`[Z WbW [XWS_a^WWZ` O ZVcWa_`S__aW`S``W_S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[Z[XS \[__T W _S\ WWSZ__Z[^S Z_S\W_[`S`cWSa_W`W_`SZVS^V"WV Z[^S V_`^Ta`[Z`[XZVS^WS_aZVW^`W_S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[Z Ŷ `S`ZY`Wa -\[`W__ S\`W^`S`_ O WZa \[`W___`WX[^S ZSWX[^W\ SZS`[ZSZV_ S cS_S_`S`WWZ`[X.Z[VXXW^WZUW/ O -Z`W_ZY W_S\ WUS_W`WZa \[`W___`S`W_`S``W_S\ W U[W_X^[S\[\a S`[Zc`SUW^`SZUS^SU`W^_`U_ O W_WS^U\[`W___S_`S`WWZ``S`U[Z`^SVU`_`WZa \[`W__-`USZTW_`S`WVZSZcS_0[ZWcS_`S``W \[\a S`[ZX^[cU`W_S\ WcS__W WU`WVVVZ[`SbWSUW^`SZ US^SU`W^_`U ŷ W WU`ZY`WS\ ZY_`^Ta`[ZSZV_`ST _ZY`W^`US WY[Z O S__aZY`S``WZa \[`W___`^aWcWUSZS``SUbS aW_`[ `WWSZSZV_`SZVS^VVWbS`[Z[X`W_S\ ZYV_`^Ta`[ZSZV `a_WS_a^W`W\^[TST `[XSZ_\WUXU_S\ W[a`U[W O W’^`’S^WY[ZU[Z__`_[X`WS^WS_aZVW^`W_S\ ZY V_`^Ta`[Z`S`ZU aVWaZ W _S\ W[a`U[W_ ^[^`[`W_`[X \[`W__cWa_`VWXZWcS`cWWSZTaZ W O _VWU_[Z^a Wc W_`ST _`WU^`US ^WY[Z[^^WY[Z[X ^WW’`[Z O W_"W[X`WU^`US ^WY[Z_^W\[^`WVS_S \S`W\^[\[^`[Z[XS `WS^WSZU aVWVZ`WU^`US ^WY[Z Ÿ [\a`ZY`WW_``S`_`U O [WbS aS`W`W\^[TST `[XSZYbWZ_S\ W[a`U[W`W_S\ W bS aWa_`TWU[ZbW^`WVZ`[S"_U[^W O [ bZY`WW]aS`[ZX[^"(_U[^WW]abS WZ`__US WVU[\a`ZY`W_` _`S`_`’SZV`W^W_a `SZ`bS aWc TW^WXW^^WV`[S_[T`SZWVZ [^VW^`[VXXW^WZ`S`W`W`W_`_`S`_`USZV`WU^`US ^WY[Z Ź ŒSZYSWU_[ZSZV-Z`W^\^W`ZY`WW_a `_[X`WW_` O -X`W`W_`_`S`_`UXS _Z`[`WU^`US ^WY[Z[a^VWU_[Zc TW`[ ^W'WU``WZa \[`W__ O -X`W`W_`_`S`_`UV[W_Z[`XS Z`[`WU^`US ^WY[ZcWXS `[^W'WU` `WZa \[`W__ ZWSWVSZVc[SWVW_`_[X \[`W__ O W^W_WS^UW^a_`_` SW`c[U^aUS VWU_[Z_ O ^_`W[^_Wa_`VWUVWVTW`cWWZS[ZW`S WVSZVS`c[`S WV`W_` O WU[ZVSZS \S WbW ZaTW^TW_W WU`WV
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