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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Ryan Broll

Lecture onethe fundamentals of research the paradigm of methodology What method do we use y Type of info you are trying to find will influence which methody The method should be used to compliment your thesis y Every academic person should have a basic understanding of both qualitative and quantitative methodThe information age how modern society depends on info as a research What do we hear y Watch and listen to the media o Do you hear certain types of stats over and over o What valuesmessages do these stats portray o Can you think of situations where the same statistical info could be used to justify opposite decisionssmoking ads must consider number of ppl in the study gender social economic status education income etc Definition of social research y A process that combines a set of principles outlooksideas methodology in a collection of specific practice techniquesstrategies method of inquiry to produce knowledge Whats the point y Research methods is the synthesis of social theory and practical application y Adding to knowledgeusing data collection to build on existing ideas or create new ones3 mains goals of social research 1 Explore new angles or previously unexamined phenomena2 Try to describe info in detail 3 Try to explain or understand why pplbehave the way they do Wants to make a contribution to society What is theory y A tangled maze of jargon Abstractions that are irrelevant to the real worldthey use methods to test these ideas and see their accuracyTheoretical framework 1 Positivism sees social science research as the same as natural science researchmore quantitativehuman social life is qualitatively different that other things studied by sciencemore qualitative2 Interpretive constructionisto Praxis Marxs idea that research should be appliedto improve societyWhat is methodology y What ppl were interviews or observed y What questions were those ppl asking y How man indivs provided the answers upon which the conclusions are based y What categories were used for data analysisAlternative ways of thinkingovergeneralizations selective observation premature 1 Authority 2 tradition 3 common
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