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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 (Chapter 1-2)

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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Don Kerr

Lecture 2 January 10 2011Last WeekChapter 1 General Research OrientationThe 2 essential components of scientific research1Theory2Social researchInduction and deduction in researchContinue With This ChapterEpistemological positions in sociology positivism vs interpretismOntological positions objectivist constructionist and soft constructionist argumentsValues and researchPolitics and researchPractical considerations and researchQuantitative vs qualitative researchMove onto Chapter 2 Research DesignsWhat is a research designNomothetic vs ideographic explanations Independent and dependent variablesTypes of reliabilityreplicabilityvalidityEpistomologyBranch of philosophy that is directed toward theories of the sources nature and limits of knowledge2 major epistemological orientations in social science1Positivism2InterpretivismImplications as to which methodologies be followed in gaining social knowledgeEpistemological Positions PositivismSociological research shouldUse essentially same methods as in the natural sciencesBe empirical careful measurementemphasis on behaviourlarge scale survey research what is directly observable andEmphasis on deductive reasoningbegin on the deductive level and come up with specific hypothesis that can then be looked at empiricallyBe value freeuse scientific statements rather than normative statementsNormative vs scientific statementsScientific statements can be verified empiricallyNormative statements are largely concerned with what is morally acceptable and cannot usually be verified empirically Ex issues of fairness or how the world should beabortion
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