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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 (Chapters 4-5)

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Sociology 2206A/B
Don Kerr

Lecture 5 Survey Research Chapter 4 and 5 Structured Interviewing and QuestionnairesTodays ClassTypes of survey researchError in interviewsquestionnaires pg 63 in textbook gives good examplesThe interview schedule and standardizationError in interviewing interviewer variability and interviewer effectsInterviewer contextSurvey ResearchSurvey research tends to be more formal than the qualitative interviewCan be many forms includingStructured interviewsTelephone interview Face to face interviews more successfulSelfadministered questionnairesHard copy via mail or some other form of distributionOnline techniquesNote many sources of potential errorincluding measurement errorStrategies to reduce such error including standardization in the asking of questionsStructured InterviewsInterview schedule a formal list of questions the interviewer much follow in detailThe questions must be asked in the order givenCan minimize the amount of bias with a proper interview scheduleStructured interviews are used because they produce standardization in the asking of questions and the recording of answersSuch interviews canReduce error do to interviewer variabilityIntrainterviewer variability an interviewer is not consistent in asking questions or recording answers with the same respondent or a different oneInterinterviewer variability lack of consistency in asking questions or recording answers between different interviewersEnhance the accuracy and ease of data processing because of the use of closed or fixed choice questionsStructured interviews unlike the self administered questionnaire sometimes have to deal with interviewer effectsThe characteristics of the interviewer may influence the responses givenSex and race of the interviewer are key reactive issues
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