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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 (Chapter 11)

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Sociology 2206A/B
Don Kerr

Chapter 11 SamplingTodays Class y Probability sampling o Simple random sampling SRS o Systematic sampling o Stratified sampling o Multistage cluster sampling y Nonprobability sampling o Convenience sampling o Snowball sampling o Quota sampling o Theoretical sampling qualitative Key Terms y Element or unit a single case in the population y Population all cases about which one seeks knowledge or all cases to which a researchers conclusions are meant to apply y Sampling frame the list of elements from which the sample will be selected not always available y Sample the element selected for the investigation y Representative sample a sample containing the essential characteristics of the population y Probability sample a sample selected using a random process such that each element in the population has a known probability of being selected y Nonprobability sample a sample selected using a nonrandom method y Sampling error errors of estimation that occur as a result of differences between the characteristics of the sample and those of the population y Nonresponse occurs if an element selected for the sample does not supply the required data y Census the data that result from an attempt to collect information from all elements in the populationFour Sources of Error in ResearchSampling Error
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