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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 (Chapter 10)

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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Don Kerr

Chapter 10 Quantitative Data AnalysisThis WeekNonprobability samplingConvenience samplingSnowball samplingQuota samplingTheoretical sampling qualitativeSampling for content analysisQuantitative analysisTwo Fundamental Types of SamplesProbability samplesPreferred in most researchBased onMathematical theorySampling frameInvolves randomizationCan calculate sampling errorPossible to draw valid generalizations from sample to populationNonprobability samplesPreferred inExploratory researchDifficult to locate populations small scale qualitativeLimited informationNot randomNot possible to calculate sampling errorVery difficult to draw valid generalizations from sample to populationTypes of NonProbability SamplingConvenience sampling cases are included because they are readily availableEx one could go to a mall and administer a survey to anyone willing to take partProblem one cannot generalize the results to some larger population with any confidence Convenience samples are useful for pilot studies for testing the reliability of measures to be used in a larger study for developing ideas learning how to do research etcSnowball sampling a form of convenience sampling1The researcher makes contact with some individuals2These persons in turn provide contacts for other participants3New contacts contacted and the procedure is repeated 4Repeat several timesbuilding up the sampleAlthough very unlikely to be representative of the population introducing a biasQuota sampling involves collecting a specified number of samples to match the proportions of people in different categories in the population
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