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Sociology 2206A/B
Ryan Broll

Lecture 4Jan 30 2012 MeasurementWhat is it y The process of creating measurable concrete variables from abstract concepts o Ex race y Extends the senses empirical y Tends to be more of a concern for quantitative researchers o Should yield more exact informationMeasurement differences quantitative vs qualitative y Timing y Type of data collected y Linking concepts to data preplanned vs reflectiveinteractiveThe measurement process y Quantitativedeductive y Qualitativeinductive y Both involve conceptualization and operationalization o Conceptualizationprocess of thinking through a construct o Operationalizationtaking definition and turn it into a specific measurement techniqueSteps y Identify concept of interest y Develop conceptual definition o Decide on units of analysis y Operationalize to create a variable o Links concept to measurement technique o Determining how to measure it o Steps that link concepts to measurement processProcess of quantitative operationalization y Follows abstract construct to concrete measure y Tends to follow similar structureProcess of qualitative operationalization y Work opposite direction of previous y Operationalization comes before conceptualization y Not all use similar hard and fast structure copyReliability and validity y Reliabilitythe consistency or dependability of a measure o Does the measure consistently give the same results y Validitytruthfulness of a measure o Is it measuring what the researcher thinks it is measuring y Perfect reliability and validity is exceptionally rareTypes of reliability y Repeatabilitytestretest o Have to be careful if someone repeats test because they may have remembered previous test y Concordanceinterrater o Idea that if two different observers present both should arrive at similar conclusions
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