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Analyzing Quantitative Data

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Sociology 2206A/B
Ryan Broll

Lecture 7March 5 2012 Analyzing Quantitative DataDescriptive StatisticsProvides visual for dataMost common ones look at frequency distributions o See raw numbers or percentagesAlso can look at charts and graphsVariablesDiscretefixed set of values or value attributesContinuousinfinite number of values usually on a continuumLevels of measurement o Nominal o Ordinal o Interval o RatioChoosing Measures of Central TendencyUse the mode when o Variables are nominal ordinal interval or ratio o You want a quick and easy measure o You want to report the most common scoreEx 5 8 9 2 8 3 7 4 7 0 3 8 3 1 5Mode 38Bimodal distribution more than one mode have 2Use the median when o Variables are ordinal interval or ratio o Variables at the intervalratio level have highly skewed distributions o You want to report the central scoreEx 3 8 14 19 27 28 46Median 19Ex 15 19 21 30 36 45 48 58Median 33Use the mean when o Variables are intervalratio o You want to report a typical score o You anticipate additional statistical analysesMeasure of DispersionVariationRange o 25 000 32 000 48 000 55 000 o Can be used with ordinal and nominalPercentiles o Can be used with ordinal and nominalStandard deviations s or SD o City A s1 782 o City B s4 920 o City C s19 467 o Can be used with interval or ratioThe Empirical Rule671s952s9973s
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