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rdDesigning a study Continued Ethics Jan 23 Quantitative Design IssuesVariablesCentral to quantitative researchA concept that can take on multiple values ie that can varyAttributes the values or categories of a variable o Male is an attribute of the variable gender3 types independent dependant interveningIndependent VariablesCause variable Questions to considerDoes it come before other variables in timeIf the variables occur at the same time does one variable have an impact on another variableDependant variableEffect variable Research questions are often expressed in terms of the dependent variable because this is what we are trying to explainIntervening VariablesComes between the independent and dependent variable and explains the connection between themHelps to explain causal relationshipsExample Durkheims theory of suicide o Marital statussocial integrationsuicideThe HypothesisTentative statement of a relationship between two variablesFive characteristics o It has at least 2 variables o It expresses a causeeffect relationship between the variables o It can be expressed as a prediction or an expected future outcomes o It is logically linked to a research question and theory o It is falsifiableThe Null HypothesisNegative is given more importance logic of disconfirming hypotheses Quantitative researchers from hypotheses in terms of a null hypothesis that there is no relationship or association between two variables o Hypothesis students who attend every class have higher grades than students who do not
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