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thThe Fundamentals of Research Jan 9What method do we useThe type of information you are trying to find will influence which method you use not the other way aroundThe method should be used to compliment your thesis if it makes sense that your method is 122 then a quantitative study makes senseEvery academic person should have a basic understanding of both quantitative and qualitative methodsThe information ageThe idea that modern society depends on information as a resourcePeople rely on info to make decisions in all kinds of situationsWhat can I do with a degree in sociology A background in research methods is actually useful What do we hearWatch and listen to the media o Do you hear certain types of statistics over and over o What are the values messages or portrayed o Can you think of situations where the same statistical info could be used to justify opposite decisions o One of the goals of this course is to think more critically of these and to identify where the information comes fromOften in the media information is left out changing the entire perception of the storyRushton study finds men more intelligentIn the battle between the sexes a controversial uwo professor has given men the equivalent of the atomic bombA study published in the academic journal intelligence says men are more intelligent then womenAn analysis of more then 100 000 IQ tests show males averaged 363 IQ points higher then women We should recognize the number of men vs women studied the social class of the subjects and other underlying interests that have been left outDefinition of social researchSocial research is a process in which people combine a set of principles outlooks and idea ie methodology with a collection of specific practices techniques and strategies ie method of inquiry to produce knowledgeMethodology is the theory of things why you use somethingMethod is the type of research done ie Focus group interview etc
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