Sociology 2235 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Childlessness, Dirty Little Secret, Androcentrism

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4 Feb 2016
October 28th 2015
Week 7- Children
Polygamy in Canada
Illegal in Canada since 1878
oCriminal code, section 293
oIs multiple partners
oTwo di#erent types
1) more than one wife- polygyny
2) more than one husband- polyandry –androcentric
women with more than one husband  fraternal
in 1996- Canadian MP proposed a polygamy bill
polygamous marriages seeking residence in Canada
omust have 3 or more wives and many children
ohead up families
omake decisions
Women and girls
oMust be demure and unobtrusive
oServe men
oNever question their power over them
If disobedient- souls will burn in hell for eternity
Canada’s Dirty Little Secret- Bountiful, BC
Established in 1947
o“They’ve been around so long that they’ve become part of
landscape. They contribute to our community, they run
businesses, they purchase supplies, they purchase
equipment, they purchase services in our town. Its like any
other ….”
New Members for Bountiful
“I’ve refused admission to them because I didn’t thin they were
visitors. I’ve refused admission because I felt they were coming
here to get married. There is no class under Canada’s
immigration law by which they can… “
The More the Merrier?
“I’ve maximized my female potential without the trade o#s
associated with monogamy. I was able to go to law school 400
miles away knowing my husband had clean shorts in the morning
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