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Sociology 2240E Lecture Notes - Governmentality, Hand Sanitizer, Dialectic

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SOC 2240E
Brendan Murphy

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Social Theory
Day 5
Foucault Week 1
History of Problemizations
- How things become problems
oThink of illness
oHow it has become a problem for the ministry of health
Leave hand sanitizer all around to make sure society as a whole
stays well
Very functionalist
History as a thing
- Hegel was all about history as a dialectic constantly moving towards freedom
- Marx argued it was a dialectic of material modes of production
- Anyway what we’re saying here is history is max singular
oEveryone follows the same history
- An historical analysis of archival material; it does not seek to interpret or
formulate a deeper meaning linked to traditional history
oDigs out these documents (these archaeological artefacts)
No one has really read them because they don’t fit the
historical continuity
He looks at these and tries to see what they say about where we
are today
- begins with present (history of the present)
- Not about single origins, but ‘humble beginnings’
- Not about a single trajectory of history
oNot the linear history we know where we have the one history
oNot progressive like the traditional history
- Hidden history; not for the truth but reveals lost connections
- Think of the family tree
oWhen making it you start with yourself and it becomes this weird mess
that you later turn into a tree
Genealogy of your family
oThink of genealogy like a genealogy of history or a family tree of
- For me though, I like to think that with genealogy, everything is connected
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