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Sociology 2240E Lecture Notes - Social Forces, Suggestibility, Georg Simmel

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SOC 2240E
Brendan Murphy

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Day 3 of plenty
Georg Simmel
Georg Simmel
- He’s a rich fella
oSo he just did want he felt like, not what he needed to do
oProbably important for any academic work he’s done
- He isn’t super famous or anything
oHe doesn’t get referenced really by the big thinkers generally
oIt’s a heartbreaker
- In contemporary society, younger scholars are looking at Simmel for some
different methods and approaches to the orthodox old dudes
- Grandfather of urban sociology
oIt’s more relevant than ever!
Chicago School
- Studied cities in very broad general ways
- Wasn’t very theoretical
Modernism: “of the now”
- Individual; need to announce the unprecedented character of the self
oI’m so unique
- Society: need to announce the unprecedented character of our present
endism a word he made up good word
oOh we’re past that
oWe’re so post-modern scoff
- When these variables are normal then we are in the modern era
- New Ways vs. Tradition
- One vs. the Many
- Individual vs. Society
- Freedom vs. Security
Philosopher’s “modern moments”
- How they’ve sought to solve the problem of tradition and new ways the one
and the many
o“those who rely on recipes starve” good quote
oThese people look at this relationship and they form a dialectic
between the two
- Socrates
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