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Sociology 2240E Lecture Notes - Nomothetic, Takers, Operationalization

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SOC 2240E
Charles Levine

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Wednesday October 3, 2012
Lecture 3
Folkwisdom (common
Not tested
Reliance on first and
final causes. Logic based
on an assurance of a
prime cause (God)
Interested in truth case
based on coherence. It
is analytical- concerned
with the tightness of
logic and making sense-
the sense it is making is
determined by the
parameters by its own
Historian is interested
in pieces of time that
happened because
we’ve written about
them. It is idiographic- a
concern with the
Sociology: it requires
empirical confirmation
Sociology: it is non-
logical, it is based on
faith not logic. It
doesn’t hold up to
logical inquiry. If
someone does try to
make it logic it becomes
circular. Sociologists are
not interested in first
causes/essences but
relationships between
Sociology: sociology
insisted on being
synthetic and analytical.
Any work or logical
argument must be
linked to evidence
outside of that
Sociology: sociology
would be concerned
with more general ideas
than a specific event.
They will use specific
events are proof. They
are interested in the
- Sociology differentiates itself from the rest of them because it looks at empirical confirmation
- Sociology is interested in general trends among things.
- It is very concerned with science- synthetic, empirical, relationships
- What is science?
- Science isn’t a thing but an activity
- It has four moments: theory, hypothesis, observations, empirical generalization
- Sociologists use empirical generalization instead of law because you cannot say that this is the
absolute/final answer
- You can start at any point, but have to go clockwise
- Circle: Theory- hypothesis- observations- empirical generalization- theory
- Hypothesis- is a prediction about a relationship among two or more variables
- It is not just a prediction- it is a certain kind of prediction- it stresses the relationship between
two variables
- Observation: perceiving something
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