Lecture 19 Review

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Lecture 19: Deep Politics and 9/11
The illegitimate and hidden means in which governments work state-instigated terror, etc.
Emporor Nero: said to have set fire to Rome
Thought the Christians were becoming much too popular and „out of hand‟
Hitler: Bombing of the Reichstag
After elected as the governor of Germany he had people bomb the government building
Created an anti-terrorist agenda gave the soldiers liberty to make citizens give up their firearms or
else they would be killed
Usually used to instigate some form of martial law
Pearl Harbor
Known about prior to it happening
1960‟s: America vs. Cuba
Northwood's document outlines how they could instigate war against Cuba - do something to
America and blame it on Cuba
During the height of the Cold War
Thought to be why JFK was assassinated wanted to reveal the secret and hidden powers of
government thought that the American government killed him for disrupting deep politics
1993 World Trade Center Bombing
The leader of the FBI hired Egyptian army officer and paid him to bomb the world trade center
Recorded the conversation and released it
As a result the buildings didn‟t go down and didn‟t get the large enough death toll
1995: Oklahoma City Bombing
The federal building was blown up by the federal government, not just one person
Large amount of artillery found within the building
A number of the federal agents who worked in that building were told not to come into work that day
Large amount of children died
C. Wright Mills: The Power Elite
The BIG THREE (power elite)
o Government
o Economy
o Military
The relationship between individuals at the pinnacles of political, military and economic institutions.
In political and sociological theory: a small group of people who control a disproportionate amount of
wealth, privilege, and access to decision-making of global consequence.
The Power Elite
Share a common world view
Are characterized by consensus building
The homogenization of viewpoints
Elites circulate from one sector to another (government, economics, military) consolidating power as
they go
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