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Lecture 5

Sociology 2260A/B Lecture 5: soc 2260 feb 2

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Sociology 2260A/B
Brenda Kobayashi

Thursday, February 2, 2017 soc 2260 Canada’s Legal System - Common Law Legal System - means that we rely on past decisions (aka precedent) - Doctrine of precedent: judges are bound but what was already decided by a higher court - Stare decisis: to stand by what is decided. - creates a greater predictability of outcomes and greater consistency and creditability - all provinces except quebec use this - Civil Law Legal System - Quebec’s Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedures - often referred to as a mix system because federally they have to follow Canada’s common law but they have provincial civil law - laws are much more detailed and specific Lawmaking - Legislative - Judicial - Administrative - no questions on this on the midterm because there will be a speaker on this in a future class! Legislative Lawmaking - Generated in response to: - public and private pressures 1 Thursday, February 2, 2017 - problem that intrudes on the well-being of individuals and organizations; or well- being of the government itself - social unrest, conflict, and environmental deterioration - technological innovation - ex. hacking laws, drones, surrogacy etc - Influences on legislative lawmaking - Voice in the Wilderness - ex. Heather Crowe - never smoked in her life but worked in restaurants and bars for 40 years and was around second hand smoke and got lung cancer. - put pressure on to make workplaces smoke free - 4 days after her death the smoke free Ontario act came into effect. it prohibits smoking in workplace, enclosed spaces, cars with children under 16 etc - Interest Groups - ex physicians for smoke free Canada (PSC) - national health organization - Heather Crowe g
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