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Lecture 4

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Sociology 2260A/B
Daphne Heywood

WEEK 4 Wednesday, January 30, 13 SOC 2260 Donald Black’s ‘The behaviour of Law’ (2) Culture and Law Culture is the symbolic aspect of social life… Values, ideology, morality, and law have a symbolic aspect of this kind. Ex: “Canadians are different from Americans…” How are we different? = Social & welfare The Behaviour of Culture “Culture has an existence of its own, apart from the way people experience it. It appears in every social setting, and it varies in quantity and style from one place to the next”  In traditional societies, many laws are morally based and tied to the culture and religion (different value systems people have) … It is possible to predict and explain the behaviour of culture of every kind”  People act relative, and so they make laws relative to the cultural meanings given to them -Ex. US. “Right to bare arms” a culture of guns and a culture of violence using guns - Why does Canada not have that violence?  Not part of our laws; not part of our laws Law varies directly with Culture Where culture is sparse so is law; where it is rich, law flourishes. The more culture, the more law The Quantity of Culture/Law Across societies the least culture is found among tribal people …On the other hand if a society is literate, if it many subcultures, beliefs, monuments, or large buildings… technology… science… it has law  What Black sees as what culture is (Eurocentric view of what culture is) Law varies dir
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