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Lecture 8

Sociology 2266A/B Lecture 8: Crim. 2266 lecture 8

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Western University
Sociology 2266A/B
Liam Kennedy

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Criminology Lecture 8 Conflict Theories Conict Perspectives law does not reect common interests, favours the wealthy, source of deviation does not come from within but stems from social inequality Sellin: cultural conict increases along with diversity and complexity of the society, different valuesnorms dont always mix Vold: conict between interest groups, the group in power creates the laws and norms of the society that dont always apply well to minority groups Quinney: crime is behaviour dened as such by individuals authorized to make decisions, nothing is inherently criminal, denitions reect actions that conict with the interests of those in power, behaviour of the less powerful are more likely to be criminalized due to their underrepresentation, media constructs and disseminates our ideas about crime Marxist Criminology capitalism creates the conditions for crime to occur, unemployment, poverty, low social cohesion Instrumental: ruling class uses law as a tool to do its bidding to directly control the state Structural: state has relative autonomy and is not under the direct control of the ruling class, objective is the long term survival of the system, some laws do target the upper class, some white collar crimes are punished, this is done to create the impression of equality and is used to create approval from the lower class and minimize challenge Rich and Poor Reiman: the rich get richer and the poor get prison, the poor only have the opportunity to commit certain crimes that are more heavily criminalized that white collar crimes that are accessible to the upper class growth in ne and fees, barriers to social reentry, privatizing probation, school to prison pipeline, criminalization of homelessness and asset forfeiture are examples of how lower classesminorities are discriminated against 1
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