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Lecture 1

Sociology 2266A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Social Forces

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SOC 2266A/B
Jordan Fairbairn

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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Lecture 1 — Intro to Criminology
What is Crime?"
-Crime: an act punishable by law"
-an intentional act in violation of the criminal law that is subject to penalization by the
-Value consensus/normative/legal position"
What is Criminology?"
-Criminology: the scientific study of crime; the body of knowledge regarding crime as
a social phenomenon"
-relatively recent field"
-important questions"
what is criminalize and how to respond to crime?"
what does the best evidence tell us about our responses to crime and their
can the study of crime help us to respond to emerging challenges?"
Demographic shifts and rising crime rates"
-Demographics, crime and correlation"
-social changes of the 20th century"
-post-second world war era"
-helped to create the social conditions in which criminology emerged as an academic
What do criminologists study?"
-Criminology: field devoted to the study of the causes and theories of crime, its
extent, and its eects on individuals and society"
-Criminal Justice: CJS is made up of the institutions and related processes that
enforce society’s laws"
Major Areas of Criminology"
1. Definition of crime and criminals"
2. Origins and role of law"
3. Social distribution of crime"
4. Causation of crime"
5. Patterns of criminal behaviour"
6. Societal reactions to crime"
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