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Lecture 2

Sociology 2267A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Murder Of Reena Virk, Juvenile Delinquency, Relate

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SOC 2267A/B
Dale Ballucci

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Lecture 2: Delinquency
The Public Issue
Youth crime is a public issue because it affects lots of people
Youth can get criminalized
For centuries young people have been critiqued for their behaviours
We hear so much about it because of the media and how they
sensationalize it because media is a corporation all they care about is$$$
high profile cases are placed in the news and it insinuates what we should fear
Reena Virk (1997)group of girls beat her up and then 2 other people came
and finished her off
Creates fear and goes against gender norms
Relate it to family, personal experience because you can also be at risk
Stefanie Rengel (2008) woman made her boyfriend kill stef (his ex)
because she felt he still had feelings for her
Creates so much fear and again woman mastermind
Makes us wonder what kind of society are we living in? what kind of
youth are we producing?
Media and the Politics of Youth Crime
Facts are socially constructed
Like hedalines, images, discussion, coverage help us construct a particular
idea about what the facts are about youth crime
Make presumptions from the news about the world around you
Youth crime is political
Helps politicians form their platforms
Government Response
People want change because media says crime is on the rise and so guess what?
Government becomes tough on crime
Calls for reform in the 1990s
Canada passes the YCIA in 2003
Immmediate criticism after it comes into effect
Media reports continue
New types of youth crime are reported
But MAYBE the rise could be because we lost jobs, or other societal issues
NOT because were not tough on crimes
Tyoically when were harsher it has bad effects not good effects
Two Opposing Sides
Youth advocate (child welfare)
Focus is on the problems face by young people
Law and Order (get tough)
This makes clear the otherness between offender and society
This othering means people can say I support harshities towards the
other group because it wont happen to me
Example: terrorists we give up rights because were not terrorists even
though we lose freedom and are susceptible to surveillance etc
History of Childhood
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